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Dipper Vaporizer by Dip Devices | Best Wax Dab Pen

In this post we take a look at the new DipStick Vapes Vaporizer called the Dipper. The Dipper is a new multi purpose vaporizer that is designed to be used as both a dab pen and as a traditional wax pen.

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The Dipper is a unique vaporizer that transforms from one type of vaporizer into another with its versatile design. The first way that you can use the vaporizer is by packing the ‘internal oven’ and having the mouthpiece over top of the oven. The second way to use the Dipper is as a dab pen – which is displayed in the image above where you can see that the mouthpiece has been flipped to the back allowing you to touch the heated tip to your dab.

You can use the Dipper with the DipWhip (seen in the image above). The DipWhip acts as an extension to of the device tht allows you to connect it to your water bubbler or other attachments.

Where you can buy the Dipper Vaporizer

The Dipper can be purchased here. This link has a 10% off discount code built into it, if you click through and wish to purchase the Dipper you will get it for $104.99us.