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Firefly 3 Vaporizer

The Firefly 2 has been a massive success. How could it be even further improved? The Firefly 3 vaporizer will soon make its debut. There’s a lot of excitement over what the upgrades will be. Here, we’re going to look at what new features and specs it would be cool to see. Meanwhile, the Firefly 2 has a few nature-inspired new designs. Check them out in the images below.

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Don’t confuse Firefly 3 with the new nature-inspired designs above. These are just recently released new skins for the Firefly 2. The Firefly 3 is still under wraps and we really know nothing about it. Firefly is a growing company and still new to the industry. There are many innovations that portable vaporizers could make use of. These include induction heating, heat sinks, more advanced software, better filters, and improved batteries. The Firefly 3 will hopefully include some of these. This would further enhance an already efficient and successful product.

What the Press Had to Say About the Firefly 2

Firefly has very quickly become one of the top manufacturers. It has created a device that people instantly connect with. The touch sensors that activate the on-demand heating make the user feel the device is part of them. The Firefly 2 is one of the most efficient and smooth-hitting vapes you can get. Here’s some of the praise it’s received in the press.

  • TechCrunch – “A smooth, cool draw for your vaping pleasure” – portraying the nice delivery of the Firefly vaporizer. A cool draw is something that helps to make vaping a much more pleasant experience. Some portable vaporizers have the heating element to close to the mouth piece or lack proper airflow which creates a burning sensation that ruins a vaping session.
  • Leafly – “Simply put, the firefly 2 is an awesome piece of technology” – Leafly is one of the biggest names in cannabis and a popular source of cannabis strain reviews online.
  • Business Insider – “Anyone could pick it up and know how to use it”
  • Maxim – “Ultra ‘high’ tech pot smoking essentials” – Maxim released an article that included the Firefly vaporizer among a few other premium portable vaping devices and mentioned how they were ahead of the pack.
  • Vice – “We tested some of the best weed vapes on the market” – Vice is known for being up to date with the best tech products and providing quality in depth reviews on the products they mention on their site. Vice mentions the superior flavor you taste when you use the Firefly vaporizer. They mention if taste matters to you than ‘this’ is the one – referring to the Firefly 2.
  • Vogue – “Great gifts for your favorite (legal) cannabis enthusiast” – The Firefly made the list of the top gifts you could give a cannabis enthusiast.
  • Gizmodo – “Best overall vaporizer”
  • VaporSmooth – “Consumers love it, the industry loves it, we can’t wait to see the Firefly 3”

The Firefly 3 Vaporizer – Building Blocks

Let’s first take a look at the Firefly 2. This will help us take an educated guess as to what we can expect from the Firefly 3. Firefly 2 is a fast-heating device for both dry herbs and concentrates. It’s designed to deliver consistently superb vapor quality. Compared to Firefly 1, Firefly 2 is 55% lighter and 33% smaller. Firefly 2 has customizable temperature settings, a very fast charge time, and a long life battery. One of the most highly praised aspects of Firefly 2 was its ease of use.

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Firefly 3 Vaporizer Nature

We might expect Firefly 3 to be more compact than Firefly 2. We might also expect it to have an even longer battery life. Batteries continue to evolve. Outfits like Tesla will soon be mass producing smaller, more advanced batteries. Firefly 3 could reap the benefit of stronger energy sources. The oven size for the Firefly 3 is harder to predict. It could be bigger or smaller or the same size. It may come with inserts or a higher lid. This would allow users to pack a bit more into the oven. The oven has received strong reviews, so perhaps it won’t change much. Integrated software is something many new portable units have. Along with application pairing, this helps optimize vaping sessions.

Price-wise, the Firefly 3 will likely remain above the $300 mark. This helps to maintain the top-range image of the device. The price is a bit excessive. But it can be justified if you’re after the best vaping experience. With luck, Firefly 3 will just take over Firefly 2’s current tag, with the latter dropping in price. This would please those who’ve been waiting for the price to come down.

Firefly 2’s transparent window is a feature people really enjoy. It lets you check that your dry herb has been tapped out without having to unscrew. The Firefly 3 will hopefully still provide a transparent oven window. The Firefly brand has a number of color options to choose from. This is something that Firefly 3 will likely continue to deliver on. Jet black, black, blue, gold, red, white are the current options available.

Firefly 3 Release Date

We’ll update this page as and when we have more news on Firefly 3’s release date. The Firefly 3 is eagerly anticipated. Meanwhile, you can visit the official Firefly site.