Gelonade By Glo Extracts Product Review
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Gelonade By Glo Extracts Product Review

The Gelonade cartridge from Glo Extracts is a cartridge that you are constantly hearing about in the cannabis industry, and there is a good reason for it. The smooth flavor combined with the hybrid effects that you will feel make Gelonade a no-brainer when looking for something new to try. Everything about the product is excellent from the packaging to the taste to the high. Glo Extracts is known for its verification process and made me feel extremely comfortable with the product I was using from them and why this Glo product review was made. 


Because this is a hybrid strain, there is a lot of effects that happen when you use this product.  Another great thing about this cartridge is that it is a true hybrid and does not lean too much Sativa or indica.  First impressions are important when it comes to cannabis products, and Glo Extracts gives you a first impression with their impressive packaging.  

The packaging from Glo Extracts is a cool black and gold pattern with a few different features on it.  The first feature is the gold seal for verification purposes that signals it is indeed made by Glo Extracts.  The most important feature is the Glotrack QR code which will take you to the website to see the lab results from that specific cartridge that you are selecting.  Glo Extracts is going the extra mile by using this verification process for all of its products.  Customer safety is definitely a huge priority for Glo Extracts.

The flavor of this cartridge from Glo Extracts had some citrus and lemon hints in it for sure.  It was one of those cartridges that just has the perfect balance of flavors to make for a smooth hit every time you use it.  Another thing about the Gelonade is the high that comes with it.  It’s a high that you don’t necessarily see coming and you just ease into it and start to enjoy it.  The smooth flavor combined with the smooth high is what makes Gelonade from Glo Extracts a fan favorite.