Glo Extracts Verification Process (GLOTRACK) Review
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Glo Extracts Verification Process (GLOTRACK) Review

Glo Extracts Verification Process (GLOTRACK) Review

Glo Extracts is changing the game with how they verify if their cartridges are real or not.  It is great to see them being so committed to safety and making sure that people are getting their actual product.  A good way to tell if it is real or not is to see if the packaging is already dense and sturdy.  Look for the seal and then locate the QR code that is on the box.  

Glo uses a QR code verification system called the GLOTRACK.  Users are able to scan the QR code located on the Master Box and Cig Box which will let you verify the authenticity of your carts. You are able to scan the master box once and the cig box 10 times, for each of the cartridges in the box. 

Glotrack verifies if the cartridge is authentic or not by showing the Green verification page if the carts are authentic and a red theme page if your carts are NOT authentic. Ensuring that the product the customer is getting is the best quality, Glo Extracts is continually testing these cartridges to make sure that they are safe and ready to use.

The best thing about the Glotrack is that it gives you peace of mind knowing your carts and oil are lab tested and authentic. Each batch has its own test results per individual cig box. Customers’ safety and transparency are two of GLO’s highest priorities. The company really cares about what products they are putting out on the market and it shows by these steps they are taking to be transparent about their process. 

Sometimes It’s hard to know what cartridge you want since you won’t know exactly what mood you are going to be in. That’s why in every cig box there are ten different flavors. Four India, three hybrids, and three Sativa. REMEMBER THERE ARE NEVER TWO OF THE SAME FLAVOR IN THE SAME CIG BOX AND THE MENU MATCHES ALL THE FLAVOR ON THE INSIDE OF THE BOX.  Another way to verify is the gold seal of authenticity on each Cig box.

If you are going to set yourselves apart as a company, taking extra steps like Glo Extracts has to verify their carts is a great way to let people know that you care about their safety and health.  It is really impressive that Glo has tested all of their cartridges and flavors that they are selling and uses GLOTRACK to keep their customers informed about the latest test results.  Glo extracts are setting the industry standard by its transparency with its users. The steps GLO EXTRACTS has taken should be normalized across cannabis companies if they want to show their commitment to safety and commitment to the customer.