How CBD Can Benefit Dogs and Puppies
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How CBD Can Benefit Dogs

How CBD Can Benefit Dogs

In recent years, the buzz about CBD oil has centered mainly on humans, but that has begun to change, as more and more people realize the cross-species benefits that can also help canine companions as well. Those who may be skeptical should keep reading to learn more.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

The scourge of cancer is not something that affects humans alone, as it also takes aim on pets of all descriptions. When it comes to treatment options, chemotherapy is often considered the standard of care in terms of eradicating tumors.

Though chemotherapy techniques can indeed have some effectiveness on cancer, they often bring undesirable, even crippling side effects. CBD dog treats made specifically for dogs have been shown to hinder the additional growth of cancer cells in animals, with research offering further backing to such claims.

Battling Inflammation

CBD is also known for its tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. A whole host of illnesses are thought to be linked to excess inflammation in the body, and therefore, anything that serves to battle against inflammation tends to bring about massive health benefits. When inflammation is allowed to take hold within the body, cellular destruction can rage out of control, and even healthy cells can be impacted.

The body is equipped with cannabinoid-specific receptors that, when CBD is introduced, function at an optimal rate. CB2 is a particular type of receptor found within immune cells. With CBD added to the mix, immune function and response tends to improve. The end result is an anti-inflammatory environment that helps combat afflictions such as arthritis.

Improving Homeostasis

When CBD is given to dogs, they can reach a more optimal state of homeostasis. Because CBD is a natural substance, it works to bring the body into better balance and a higher level of functionality.

Analgesic Wonder

According to the European Journal of Pharmacology, the body’s ECS takes center stage when it comes to the body’s ability to manage and regulate pain. The mechanism itself involves the halting of anandamide absorption. As such, the brain’s pain messages can be controlled and reduced so that discomfort is ameliorated as well. This is an effect that can greatly improve the lives of dogs suffering from inflammation and associated pain.

Glaucoma Fighter

Far too many dogs begin to suffer from glaucoma as they grow older. This is true of humans as well as of their canine friends. This is a condition capable of causing permanent blindness due to growing pressure on the eyes. It is possible to use CBD as an effective treatment for glaucoma, as it works to slow the amount of pressure that builds in the eyes, and it does so without additional side effects.

Stress And Anxiety Reducer

Just as is the case with humans, stress can take a massive toll on the overall health of dogs. Numerous factors lead to increased stress levels in dogs, and it is important for pet owners to take note of the classic hallmarks of anxiety. These include things such as excessive barking, aggressive behavior, uncontrolled urination, shaking, and the like.

Fortunately, CBD treats for dogs are known to have noticeable success in lowering the anxiety and stress levels in dogs. Though research is ongoing about why this is the case, observational studies indicate that the effects of CBD in anxious or stressed dogs are similar to those achieved through the use of more conventional pharmaceutical interventions. A calm pet helps lead to a calm pet owner, so the potential benefits of CBD for dogs should never be overlooked.