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Looking for THC Home Delivery? Visit Here

Looking for THC Home Delivery? Visit Here

The Real THC Delivery, boosts the best cannabis products in Canada! Run by a great that takes pride in providing safe, secure, and comfortable services that have been appreciated by a growing community on Canada’s West Coast for years.

Offering top-quality cannabis products

Working with over 50 local BC growers and an amazing in house grower the team at is very proud to produce extremely rare and famed genetics. Some of the in-house specialities include Bentley Hash, MAC 69, Bakery, Sticky Buns, Orange Big MAC and many more! You can visit the Real THC shop here to browse all the great products offered.

Dry Herb

Indica’s, Sativa’s, Hybrids, and pre-rolls. You can shop the top strains and get them delivered right to your door. Some favorites include Pineapple Express, Rockstar, Big Mac, Sticky Buns, and Congolese. A popular option is to get one of the variety packs so you can keep your tolerance spread out by trying multiple strains.

Shatter and Concentrates

Shatter is slowly gaining more traction. Possibly due to more vaporizers being designed to work with both dry herb and solid concentrates. Your options here are 2g shatter packs and 4g shatter packs.

If shatter isn’t your jam then you can choose between the other concentrates such as hash, thc liquid pens, kief, and rosin.


Chocolate, candies, cookies, peanut butter buds, pretzel’s and sublingual CBD and THC tinctures. Edibles are a fan favorite and growing in demand over the past few years. Try something new from the shop and switch it up from the typical dry herb for a change.

CBD products

Looking to come down from the high or perhaps try to treat an ailment? CBD has been known to help with various health-related issues. You are able to purchase CBD isolate, CBD tinctures, and a transdermal CBD patch.


Yes, you can even get mushrooms sent to you. Offered oin the shop you can get African Transeki, Alacabenzi, Albino Avery’s, Big Avery’s, Mexican mushrooms, and many more. It is not too often you can find mushrooms to buy online.

Delivery and Discretion

Looking to get cannabis THC and CBD delivered straight to your home. The delivery from is reliable and fast, it arrives in just 2-3 days. Contents are discreet and undetectable the entire way to your door.