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My Review of the Hydrology9 NX | Cloudious9 Water Filter Vape

My Review of the Hydrology9 NX by Cloudious9

After using the Hydrology9 NX by Cloudious9 for the last several months, I’ve decided to write a review on my experience. I use the device regularly and it has become a staple in my day. Why? Because this device has options! Its modular functionality allows me to enjoy both flower and concentrates! This is possible because it comes with 2 ovens; a hybrid convection flower heating chamber and a concentrate atomizer.  

Hydrology9 NX new

This really helps me adjust based on how my day is going to assess what kind of high I would like to experience. If I’m feeling tired I prefer the concentrates and if I’m feeling more relaxed then the flower is more my style. I love that I’m not stuck with only one choice.

It is very clean to smoke through, even when smoking concentrate like shatter. This is because Hydrology9 NX is a water vaporizer with integrated filtration. You can also disassemble the device for cleaning and the air path is removable. While it can be a little tricky to clean some of the stickier concentrates from the device, I’ve found rubbing alcohol to be an effective solution. The kit does come with the cleaning tools as well as a dab tool. The dab tool is what I typically use to help clean out the device.  If you’re worried about the battery getting wet while cleaning, it is fully replaceable. While I did find the battery lasted a long time once fully charged, I did find the charging experience slow so be mindful of keeping it plugged in while not in use.  The magnetic USB charging port doubles as a dab tool holder, so its a nice little bonus feature. 

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The water chamber is pretty to look at when the device is off but my favourite feature is when the colour changing lights turn on. Once you tap the button three times to turn on the device, the colour changing lights within the water chamber begin to pulse on and off and the oven begins to heat up. In order to adjust the temperature of the device, you have to turn it. This causes the light inside the water chamber to change colours. The colours correspond to the temperature you want the device at. If you’re using the glass container, go with the blue, aqua and yellow and if you’re using the ceramic bucket you should use the purple, red and white colour range. You’ll know you’re ready to start inhaling when the device turns green and stops pulsing. If you’re using the concentrate atomizer, this is when you would drop your concentrate in.  It takes roughly 20 seconds to get hot so be ready to inhale!

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From there I found the smoking experience great. I filled the device with water to about 60% of the way as I found this allowed for the most amount of bubble and smoke ratio to get the cleanest inhale. Make sure you are clearing the water chamber of smoke after use because it can make the next time you smoke taste stale. I would also say be mindful of cleaning out the air path regularly, the concentrates can block that only after a couple of uses sometimes. The Hydrology9 NX is a product I would recommend to anyone looking for a versatile device that is easy to use and delivers quality and consistency. It runs for $300 US, which feels accurately priced for the value I’ve gotten out of it. 

You can buy the Hydrology9 NX here from the Cloudious9 website – pricing starts at $270US and goes to $379 for the mega bundle.