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PAX 4 Vaporizer

The PAX Labs line of portable vaporizers keeps on impressing. The PAX 1 brought consumers a new compact, easy-to-use device. An even more compact and powerful PAX 2 followed. The PAX 3 opened the door to app powered portable vaporizers. It also introduced many vaporizer users to the world of wax/oil concentrates. The PAX Era uses herbal extract pods to deliver a rich smooth vapor. We’re excited to see what upgrades the PAX 4 vaporizer will bring.

PAX 3 NOW $199 / PAX 2 NOW $149

Recent News – Visit PAX Website

PAX Labs issued a press release on the new pricing of their PAX 3. You can now purchase the PAX 3 for $199 (down from $279). This makes it the best priced portable multi-material vaporizer online. PAX have also lowered the price of the PAX 2, to just $149.99. If you’re looking for a dry herb vaporizer that does the job, the PAX 2 works just fine. The PAX 3, however, works even better. It has app connectivity, heats up faster, and performs a bit better overall. The price-drop puts PAX in a good position to amp up sales and increase its market share. The PAX brand is already recognized as the best in the industry. And these new low prices will certainly grab another chunk of the market.

This recent news suggests that PAX will announce a model 4 in the near future. Hopefully, before 2019 is out, we’ll know more. With luck, we might even have the new model available to purchase.

Portable vaporizers continue to grow in refinement. The applications that pair with them also continue to evolve. The PAX team will build on this, and PAX 4 will likely sport some exciting new features. PAX vaporizers are smart vaporizers. They help you monitor your sessions and optimize your material. Users would welcome any further innovation in this direction.

PAX 4 Vaporizer Release Date

There is currently no official mention of the PAX 4 vaporizer. Visit the official PAX website here. PAX has recently brought to market a PAX grinder that is finely tuned to grind up your material to get the most out of your vaping session.

Whats Said About the PAX 3

PAX is one of the most recognized brands in the vaporizer industry. We’re excited to see what the PAX 4 vaporizer will include. Here are a few mentions in the press relating to PAX:

  • Gizmodo – “Its like smoking in the future.” – PAX has cultivated an innovative and futuristic device.
  • BroBible – “The PERFECT Gift!” – PAX has created a premium product every cannabis user would love to have. A product that’s both appealing and healthier than combustion methods of smoking.
  • Engadget – “The PAX 2 vaporizer makes the predecessor look half baked.” – PAX has evolved its product with each new model. And will continue to do so with the PAX 4.
  • Forbes – “The PAX 3 is like the heated seat in your midsize sedan.” – The PAX 3 is an affordable yet luxurious product. The PAX 4 will hopefully be another device that’s well worth its price-tag.

We’ll update this page as and when we have news of PAX 4. Who knows? It maybe another type of portable vaporizer. Or maybe it will be a new shape. Or perhaps they’ll upgrade the hardware and software while continuing with the same look. We’ll just have to wait and see!

PAX 3 NOW $199 / PAX 2 NOW $149

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