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The Popularity of CBD Treatment is Growing

Welcome to the medical cannabis era! Weed products are getting very popular, with THC as lord and CBD as king. Even celebrities – Mike Tyson, for instance – are investing in the booming industry. Since the legalization of cannabis for medical use in the United States, a growing number of patients have tried its many extracts and have various stories to tell about it.

In this article, we look at how cannabinoids have managed to gain acceptance in the US and what the future looks like for it. Of course you will be reading the experiences of a number of patients that have tried the substance and what they have to say.

A Little Introduction

If you are reading about medical cannabis for the first time, the terms THC and CBD may be a bit confusing to you. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the over 100 cannabinoids that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. It provides relief for a number of health conditions but it causes psychoactive effects to the user. CBD or cannabidiol is also a cannabis compound which has the same benefits of THC with the exception of getting the user high.

This singular ability to not get people high (antipsychotic effect) has made CBD brands and instant delight for patients worldwide. And to think that it is now possible to buy CBD edibles online and have them delivered across the United States. The delivery of CBD products has helped facilitate a more widespread acceptance of the substance. So, what do the reviews of weed edibles like? Let’s find out.

What Patients Think About CBD

For Jules, a New York based fitness trainer, accepting CBD oil as a form of treatment was not a difficult decision as it was actually prescribed by her personal physician. “We are talking about cannabis here” she said smiling “and the thought of eventually getting high, then probably making a mess of myself before my trainees is something I had seriously considered. But as my physician assured me of safety, I took the oil with confidence”

Ryan, a plumber in northern California was excited to share his experience with cannabinoids. “I started out with THC gummies and found both its therapeutic and euphoric effects satisfying”, started the 28-year old. “But I use THC mostly when I am indoors. During work, especially when I’m stressed out on rooftops, I find CBD oil satisfying as the chances of getting high is completely eliminated.” Ryan prefers his CBD in oil form and his THC as gummies.

While the two users above may have embraced weed edibles with ease, Lilian, a 72-year old senior would not hear of the compound. For her, anything made from cannabis would never find its way into her bloodstream. “I am a very conservative person, and a late adopter,” began the septuagenarian, “My daughter had since 2016 recommended CBD oil to me but I was too scared to try it. It was not until my 17-year old grandson urged me to try it did I give the substance a shot. I find that unlike prescription medication which I am used to, CBD helps me deal with anxiety without leaving me nauseous and miserable”

Of course it is important to note that for anyone to benefit from CBD goodies, they must buy from companies whose products have the right amounts of the terpenes and cannabinoids in them. It is also important that the products are properly standardized and calibrated.

What Industry Leaders Have to Say

Cannabis companies are – on the average – very concerned about constantly producing quality cannabinoid products and ensuring that there is a decent supply to meet demand. So far, cannabis brands seem to be doing this well and are happy with the general client testimonials they get every day. On the other hand, it appears these companies are interested in wrestling power away from or at least breaking the dominance of big pharmaceutical companies.

These companies make big money but often at the expense of patient satisfaction. It is a known fact that many prescription medications leave the patient with miserable side effects and often lead to dependency.